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DDJ-FLX4 Pioneer DJ 2-Channel Dj Controller

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  • 2 channel DJ controller
  • Compatible with Rekordbox and Serato DJ
  • Professional club layout


DDJ-FLX4 Pioneer DJ (Please note: controller only comes with USB-C to USB-C cable.)


2-channel DJ controller that is perfect for beginners to start DJing. Simple and user-friendly design with a professional look. Brand new features to easily mix tracks and apply professional sounding effects. The DDJ-FLX4 is an affordable unit that inherits key features from the professional layout of the DDJ-400 - a standard for entry-level controllers - but its user-friendly design makes it easier to learn how to DJ. There's a choice of DJ software to mix music with, including free use of Performance mode in rekordbox for Mac/Windows. And when the major update to rekordbox for iOS/Android comes out in early 2023, you will be able to use the DDJ-FLX4 with your iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad or Android tablet. Serato DJ Lite is also free to use with the controller, and you can upgrade to Serato DJ Pro if you buy a license or subscribe. All of these software options allow you to play music files stored on your device, as well as tracks from TIDAL, Beatport Streaming, Beatsource Streaming and SoundCloud Go+ (paid subscriptions may be required). 

Getting your hands on the DDJ-FLX4 makes it easy to start DJing, even if you're a complete beginner. The design is sleek and user-friendly so you can find your way around the controls, and you'll find plenty of tutorials in rekordbox to walk you through the basics. There are also two brand-new features that make it easy to create professional-sounding mixes: Smart Fader for effortless transitions between two tracks, and Smart CFX, which applies combinations of effects to the music with one turn of a knob.

When you're ready to share your performances with friends and followers, the DDJ-FLX4 is the perfect kit. Thanks to the USB audio output of the microphone's sound, you don't need external equipment such as a mixer or sound card to add your voice to your mix. Instead, the microphone's sound is output through the controller along with the music, so you can easily share your kit via stream from a single computer. 

To use the DDJ-FLX4 for free with rekordbox, click here to install the PC/Mac version of the software.

To use the controller for free with Serato DJ Lite, or to purchase a license or subscribe to Serato DJ Pro, click here.


Audio specifications
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 103 dB
  • T.H.D. Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.005 %
  • Dimensions: 482 x 272.8 x 59.2 mm
  • Weight: 2.1 kg
Digital Audio
  • Bit Depth: 16 bits / 24 bits
  • Supplied: Rekordbox + Serato DJ lite
Analog Output
  • Headphone Output: 3.5-mm stereo mini jack
Audio I/O
  • Channels: 2
  • Inputs: MIC x 1 (1/4-inch TS jack)
  • Outputs: MASTER x 1 (RCA x 1)
Power supply
  • Power supply: Via USB power adapter: DC 9V, 3A / Via USB bus power: DC 5V, 500 mA
  • Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz / 48 kHz

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DDJ-FLX4 Starter Set

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1 x DM-40D Desktop Monitor Pioneer  (Set)
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1 x DDJ-FLX4 Pioneer DJ 2-Channel Dj Controller +
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